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Long time Date: May 4th @ 10:22am EDT
Wow, so many time i wrote my first blog, to be honest i am not so good writing and dont know what to say, i still learning. But anyways i am so happy to be here, i have meet a lot of wonderful people, i have been thinking that i love my job more and more because i want to make people happy and pleased and i feel it more when u let me know that u are enjoying, more on those long quarentine days when somethimes you want to go crazy. Trust me when i say that on this quarentine u dont have to learn a lot of things, everybody see things in a different way and if you feel better just doing nothing is ok, better come to my room and chat a little with me and u will see that u can get a lot of fun :)
My first week Date: Mar 23rd @ 11:07pm EDT
My first week here has been exciting, I had several expectations about how everything would be and how I would perform; in fact I was quite nervous to get to a page that is mentioned so much positively. Fortunately, having been all this week I have felt very well received and I had a lot of fun; The best part is that I know that if I put everything of myself and I always have a good attitude I will be able to encourage ourselves to easily carry times like these in which we are all concerned and locked up with few distractions. I will always be here to support you and listen to you because I want to be that little bit of joy in the middle of this situation, thank you for being kind and respectful I hope we continue to share and get to know each other better.
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